Case App

This app helps practicing doctors to learn about the newest diagnostics and principles of the medical therapies by macula disease.

Technology: Android , IOS  & Windows

Client: Thieme




  • Users can use the app in the online as well as the offline mode after signing in.
  • Due to the fact that the app is only for specialist in this section, the app includes a “Doc Check Login” with the corresponding library in the background and can only be used by members.
  • On the basis of case examples, attending physicians receive an overview, extensive information and the principals about the treatments of Macula.
  • Through the interactive processing of the content, practical and theoretical aspects are viewed simultaneously.
  • Users can bookmark the pages and zoom into images for more details.
  • On some topics, questioners about the symptoms can be found, based on the answers more details will be shown about the given case.
  • For more information about the company please visit:

Technical Details: Java 1.6, XML, objective C

Case App

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