A Software for business process management that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back office functions.

ERP is a system which manages a company’s entire business process systematically by automating many back-office functions which are technology, production, services or human resource oriented as per the client needs.

This includes all facets of a company’s functions which includes sales, purchase, manufacture, admin, human resources, transactions, account management based on the client’s software features.

Deals with business flows which may include Purchase, Sales, Finance, Productions & Consumptions.

In turn, is designed to improve both external customer relationships and internal collaborations by automating tasks and activities that streamline work processes, shorten business process cycles, and increase user productivity.

  • Provide intelligence, visibility, analytics, and efficiency across every aspect of a business.
  • An Online streaming of your business transactions.
  • Tools that businesses use to manage interactions with customers.

Type of ERP:

  • Trading
  • Industrial
  • Factory
  • Retailers

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