We developed the website for Livia Polymer Bottles Pvt.Ltd. as a Dynamic web page with a mix of the open source WordPress and HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery.

Technology Used: WordPress

Client: Livia Polymer Bottles Pvt Ltd, India.



  • We found an easy way for Livia to upgrade and upload their products like, images of pet bottles and pet containers for food materials and drinks in Homes and for school children. As well as other content parts like the details about the method of manufacturing pet Bottles or about the Livia polymers corporate work force.
  • The structure of the side was built with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery for the functionality. The side with a user-friendly CMS, doesn’t luck on loading speed do to the integrated HTML pasts and made it to the perfect choice for Livia.
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Technical Details: WordPress (CMS), MySQL (database), HTML5, CSS3, Jquery( all three as structure and framework Bootstrap ( frontend- framework), Php (funktions, WordPress), Apache web server (web server).


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